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Japanese portrait doll of kabuki actor, 1930-40's
OG-198 Japanese portrait doll of famous Kabuki Actor, on stage 1930-1940's

This unique and very rare Japanese portrait doll crafted in Kyoto, around 1950-s  represents very famous on that time Kabuki Theatre actor Ichikawa Utaemon as theater drama hero Saotome Mondo. He dressed in light green court costume kamishimo with  long hakama trousers and golden kimono with traditional Japanese intricate pattern.
 His face has traditional Kabuki style make-up and his hair-style is as Edo period samurai style. The actor holds a manuscript scroll in his hand and has a katana sword attached to the hakama belt.  Proudly pose and  expressive face make the doll a highly collectible item and work of art.
Dimensions: 39 cm / 15,3 inches high
Condition: excellent, with no damage

Price: US$ 390.00
japanese portrait doll of Kabuki actor, 1930's
* Express mail delivery and insurance fee approx. US$ 45-48.00
japanese portrait doll of Kabuki actor, 1930's
japanese portrait doll of Kabuki actor, 1930's
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