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man's yukata
Japanese antique doll  of a Nobleman, 1900's
Japanese antique doll
OG-062 Japanese antique doll  of a Nobleman, 1900-20's

Finely modeled and rare Japanese antique figurine  of a  nobleman  dressed with wonderful wide silk brocaded jacket over white silk kimonos, white silk hakama pants and with high black lacquered court hat on his head,  He was walking along the brook bank  and stopped under a willow-tree when he saw the green frog.
The doll stands on black lacquered, carved  and hand painted wooden stand. Authentic wooden box comes with.
Highly collectible item of Japanese art from Taisho period.

Dimensions: 22 cm / 8,6 inches high
Conditions: very good according to age and with no damage and with real antique taste.

Price: US$ 120.00
Shipping and insurance fee approx. US$ 38.00 - 45.00
Japanese antique doll

Japanese antique doll
Japanese antique doll
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