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Japanese Kimonos Catalogue. Japanese Kimono Style  Gown and Peignoir. Japanese kimono is an unforgettable gift for loved ones! Kimono can be worn along with obi sash belt and traditional Japanese sandals zori and setta. We send our kimono and yukata worldwide directly from Japan.
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japanese woman's cotton kimono made in Japan
Kimono Flowers and Clouds
Cotton 100%, white, blue color, US$ 88.90/$ 82.95
japanese silk short  kimono, made in Japan, pure silk
Kimono Kaori
Silk short kimono wrapper red color, US$ 125.50
japanese woman modern kimono gown, made in Japan
Kimono Kyoto
Silky polyester, blue, black colors, US$ 78.50
Japanese woman's embroidered kimono with lining, made in Japan
Kimono Japanese Garden
Polyester, embroidery, lining. US$ 128.90/ US$ 112.50
Japanese kimono for lady, cotton 100%, made in Japan
Nightingale and Plum Blossom
Cotton 100%, black color,
US$ 78.80
japanese silk kimono robe, made in Japan
Kimono Imari
Silk 100%, sky-blue, white, black colors, US$ 125.50
kimono japonais pure silk japanese kimono made in Japan
Kimono Naomi
Silk 100%, royal-blue color
US$ 165.50
  pure silk Japanese woman's kimono made in Japan
Golden Chrysanthemum
Silk 100%, wine-red color, US$ 165.00
pure silk Japanese woman's  kimono, made in Japan
Kimono Haru Ichiban
Silk 100%, Scarlet, Pink, Ivory colors, US$ 162.50
japanese woman's modern cotton kimono, made in Japan
Kimono Golden Carriage
Cotton Kimono, Sky-Blue, Black colors, US$ 92.50
japanese woman's cotton yukata made in Japan
Kimono Kamakura
Cotton 100% vinous, t-blue,  purple colors, US$ 78.20
Japan kimonos pure silk kimono gown made in Japan
Kimono Kaori
Silk kimono, black and scarlet colors, US$ 162.50
japanese pure cotton kimono Origamii, made in Japan
Kimono Origami
large-size, black, bright-blue, red colors, US$ 79.90
blue kimono, cotton 100%, made in Japan
Kimono robe Golden Clouds
Cotton 100%, white and royal-blue colors, US$ 82.95
 japanese kimono robe made in Japan
Princess and Sakura
Silky polyester, mauve-purple color
US$ 64.80
modern Japanese embroidered kimono, made in Japan
Golden Butterflies
Embroidery, lining. Blue, black colors, US$ 128.50
 japanese lady's short kimono with embroidery and lining
Kimono Japanese Garden
black and blue colors
US$ 112.90
 Japanese modern kimono, made in Japan
Kimono Asakusa
Polyester, wine-red color, US$ 78.50
Japanese woman's pure silk kimono made in Japan
Kimono Edogawa
Silk kimono, t-blue,  ivory, pink colors, US$ 192.50
japanese modern kimono, cotton 100% made in Japan
Kimono Golden Carriage,
Cotton 100%, sky-blue, black colors, US$ 92.50
Japanese woman's short  kimono robe, made in Japan
Short Kimono Golden Pagoda. Silky polyester, light violet color, US$ 62.50
 kimono for lady, cotton 100%,  made in Japan
Kimono Megumi
Cotton  100%,
US$ 82.90
japan kimono, cotton
Yukata Bamboo and Birds,
Cotton  100%, ivory color, US$ 78.50
Japanese cotton kimono, made in Japan
Kimono Morning Garden
Cotton 100%, mauve, lavender colors, US$ 82.50
japanese woman's short modern kimono robe, made in Japan
Kimono robe Asakusa
Polyester, white-pink color, US$ 64.50
japanese woman's cotton kimono KANSAI, made in Japan
Yukata Kansai
Cotton 100%, blue color,
US$ 72.95
modern Japanese kimono for lady, made in Japan
Kimono Sakura
Polyester, red, violet black colors, US$ 74.80
Japanese woman's pure silk kimono, made in Japan
Kimono Edogawa
Silk 100%, t-blue,  ivory colors, US$ 192.50

All our modern Japanese kimonos presented here are specially-designed at reasonable prices for the people who want to enjoy them easily. 100% quality guaranteed. We send our kimono directly from Japan. Japanese kimono gown is an unforgettable gift for loved ones!
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