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modern kimono from Japan
modern kimono from Japan
modern kimono from Japan

Japanese geisha smoking pipe
AC-088 Japanese antique sliver tobacco pipe, late Edo era

Japanese geisha silver smoking pipe or 'kiseru' with bamboo shift. and silver mouthpiece and the head which are artistically decorated with gold image of small nightingale (gold) sitting on a flowering branch of a plum tree (silver).
Highly collectible items of Japanese Fine Art.

Late Edo period
Excellent condition according to age

Measurements: 25 cm in length
Weight: 64,5 g

Price: US$ 695.00
*Shipment and insurance fee from Japan approx. US$ 26-28.00
Japanese geisha smoking pipe, detail of decoration
Japanese antique silver smoking pipe or kiseru. Detail of decoration
Japanese geisha antique smoking pipe with bird and flowers design
japanese antiques and collectibles: japanese sword guard, silver smoking pipe

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modern kimono from Japan