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modern kimono from Japan
modern kimono from Japan
modern kimono from Japan

AC-097 Japanese antique sliver tobacco pipe kiseru with tabacco- pouch sagemono, pipe case and netsuke, early Meiji era

Japanese antique silver mouthpiece and head smoking pipe or kiseru with bamboo shift. Silver mark in kanji is on mouthpiece.
Wonderfully lacquered tobacco-pouch   sagemono and and pipe case made from deer horn are joined to each other with  jasper round-shaped netsuke come with. 
Probably late Edo to early. Meiji period.

Excellent condition except of some age worn.
Pipe length: 20, 0 cm
Tobacco case size: 8,8 x 7 x 2,4 cm

Price: US$ 655.00
**Shipment and insurance fee from Japan approx. US$ 32.-38.00

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modern kimono from Japan