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OG-130 Japanese antique doll of Maiko with wisteria branch, 1920's

Wonderful Japanese antique doll represents young Maiko or apprentice Geisha dressed in magnificent purple silk kimono and red silk crepe under kimono with silk-stitch hand-embroidered wisteria blossoms motif.
Her kimono's long right sleeve thrown off to reveal vibrant figured silk her under kimono. And her another under kimono is embroidered with plum and cherry flowers. Silk brocade obi tied in Maiko's way.
Doll's face carved of wood and covered in a highly burnished gofun and hand-painted artistically. Her hair embellished with Fuji flower as well as red ribbon. She dances with Fuji branch in her hands.
This magnificent doll crafted about 1920's, in Kyoto, ensuring the finest quality and craftsmanship. Tender, expressive face, exquisite kimono make this doll a highly collectible item.
Dimensions: 41cm/16,4 high
Condition: excellent according to age, with slightly dimness inside one of her glass eye

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japanese antique doll
japanese antique doll of Maiko. The Japonic Online Store
japanese antique doll in embroidered kimono japanese antique Maiko doll
maiko, japanese antique doll. The Japonic Online Shop
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