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modern kimono from Japan
modern kimono from Japan
modern kimono from Japan
japanese modern kimono
GOLDEN CARRIAGE, Japanese woman's cotton kimono with very long sleeves

Fine Japanese pure cotton modern kimono GOLDEN CARRIAGE with very long sleeves (furisode type) with a design of nobles ladies dressed in beautifully rendered  kimonos sitting on a grass near a tiny brook in the palace garden. They  write poems and then delivery the paper scroll with poems to each others in small toy-boats which drifting down-stream. Splendid golden carriages and servants waiting for not far in the garden. This wonderfully designed Japanese cotton kimono robe is a lovely home gown and unforgettable gift from Japan.

Price: US$ 99.50
  • material: cotton 100%
  • kimono length: 56"/ /142 cm
  • full around: cm
  • one size fit to S, M, L
  • colors:
    - black,
    - sky-blue
  • machine washable
  • the belt of the same material is attached inside the sleeve
  • made in Japan
Express mail (EMS) delivery fee from Japan to USA, Canada, Australia - US$ 33.00 to UK and Europe - US$ 36.00
japanese woman's cotton kimono fabric details
 japanese kimono Giolden Carriage, cotton 100%
japanese kimono gown, cotton 100% japanese woman's cotton kimono fabric details
japanese modern kimono
*Here you can see Japanese Obi belt for lady's kimono
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modern kimono from Japan