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G-060 Japanese woman's straw sandals ZORI

Japanese traditional woman's zori sandals with kimono's fabric straps and kimono's fabric fringing on the edge of sandals. The soils are made of Tatami style woven 'Igusa' grass. High quality materials.
Size of Japanese Zori sandal's  is quoted in centimeters length.
Please, measure your foot, and order the size that is closest to your foot length in centimeters.
Please note that for the better style you need to choose zori size less then your foot size for about 0,5 or 1 cm. how to wear Japanese shoesSo if your foot size is for ex. 24 cm, your suitable size for Japanese traditional zori will be 23,5 cm

Price: US$ 48.50
*Express mail (EMS) delivery fee from Japan to USA, Canada, Australia - US$ 28.00 to UK and Europe - US$ 32.00
  • material: natural Igusa grass 100% , and various kimono fabrics
  • size:
    - LL- 23,5-25,0 cm foot length
  • hand made in Japan

japanese straw sandals ZORI
japanese short kimono and zori sandals
japanese straw sandals
japanese straw sandals
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