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H-040 Japanese antique silk haori, pre WWII

HAORI is mid-length loose jacket that serve as a coat to be worn over a kimono. Haori are traditional Japanese clothes which were worn by men as a component of the formal attire. All kimono jackets are hand sewn and "one of a kind". Haori can be used as a garment or an unique interior decor to brighten up the corner of your home.
This is Japanese pre WWII man's silk kimono jacket HAORI with 5 samurai family mon and with lining adorned artistically woven with 3 samurai on shore . The colors are rich and effective. Artist sign is on that haori.

SOLD, Thank you
  • material: heavy silk
  • color: black
  • length: 103 cm / 40,5"
  • sleeve end to sleeve end 127 cm / 50,0"
  • back wide: 61 cm / 24,0"
  • condition: very good
Express mail (EMS) delivery fee from Japan to USA, Canada, Australia -US$45.00 to UK and Europe - US$ 48.00

samurai family mon on haori
japaneseman's  black silk kimono jacket, pre WWII
artist sign on haori
japanese traditional kimono jacket
japanese traditional haori - lining
japanese traditionla man kimono jacket,  inside
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