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H-156 Japanese traditional man's formal silk haori with hand painting lining in ZEN style, pre WWII

HAORI is mid-length loose jacket that serve as a coat to be worn over a kimono. Haori are traditional Japanese clothes which were worn by men as a component of the formal attire. All kimono jackets are hand sewn and "one of a kind". Haori can be used as a garment or an unique interior decor to brighten up the corner of your home.
This is pre WWII black formal man's silk haori with 5 samurai family mon or crest silk haori with  lining hand paited  in ZEN style with  bamboo shaft tea pavilion in the garden and with tea ceremony items like tsubo (tea box) and others. Excellent condition according to age.

  • material: heavy silk
  • color: black
  • length: 105 cm / 41,3 inches
  • sleeve end to sleeve end 124 cm / 48,8"
  • back wide: 60 cm / 23,6"
  • condition: excellent according to age
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samurai family mon
japanese man's silk haori jacket in zen style
japanese traditional outfit: man's silk haori jacket, antique
japanese man's outfit: silk haori jacket
japanese man's outfit: silk haori jacket iz zen style
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