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man's yukata
samurai on white battle horse, japanese doll
japanese samurai doll with spear, antique
japanese a young samurai doll, antique
OG-184 Japanese antique doll  of a samurai horseman with tachi sword and a spear in his hand, 1920-30's

Japanese antique doll  of a  young samurai horseman  dressed with armor suit and with war helmet kabuto  on his head.  He is riding on white battle horse. Samurai holds a spear in his hand and his flag is attached on his back, and big sword tachi is attached to his armor. His helmet kabuto and his flag have a samurai family mon or crest.
Wonderfully modeled antique Japanese doll on wooden stands covered with silk fabric ( small stains are on a silk). Also the doll has and antique glass-wooden box for storage and display..
Highly collectible item of Japanese art from  Taisho period.

Dimensions: 38 cm /15 inches in high
Conditions: very good according to age with real antique taste. Small stains on a stand silk fabric

japanese antique doll
japanese samurai doll, antique
japanese antique samurai doll
samurai doll
Japanese antique doll  of a samurai riding, 1920's
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