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man's yukata
japanese traditional doll
OG-172 Japanese doll of a long hair beauty, 1970's

Japanese collectible stylish and bright  kimono doll from Kyoto dressed in silk kimono and beautifully designed and hand-embroidered kimono gown uchikake saffron-gold color and Mandarin ducks, flowers and stream motif - Japanese symbols of good fortune.  This lovely author's doll represents young long hair beauty  of Heian period of Japanese history (from 794  to 1185 ), probably a bride, according to her kimono gown's motif.
A young beauty stands with a sweet smile on her  half-open lips and her beautiful long hair have been loose on her shoulder.
The artist named the doll as Kodai Ningyo - "Antique Beauty of Kyoto". Wooden stand with famous Japanese artist name and stamp come with.
Dimensions: 38 cm / 15 inches high
Condition: excellent!

Price: US $ 720.00
* Express mail delivery and insurance fee approx. US $ 82-88.00
japanese traditional doll: detail of kimono design
japanese collectible kimono doll, vintage

japanese collectible doll by famous japanese dool artist
*Glass Box for display and storage can be provided for additional fee.
japanese traditional doll
japanese traditional doll
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