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japanese antique doll od Yoshitsune with flute in his hands in glass box
japanese antique doll od Ushiwaka. The Japonic Online Store
OG-105 Japanese Antique Doll of Yoshitsune playing the flute, 1930-40's

Japanese antique doll represents the young prince Yoshitsune (1159-1189), also called Ushiwaka, a military leader and hero of Japanese lore (Heike Monogatari, Japanese medieval narrative). He stand on a bridge (wooden pommel of a bridge's banister is before him) under a weeping willow tree. Young prince is dressed with dark-blue silk brocade hitatare,  orange-red kimono, white with violet hakama pants and black wooden geta. His tachi sword is attached to his obi belt. His long black hair brushed as Heian era style for young aristocrats. Yoshitsune holds a traditional Japanese flute in his hands.
This wonderful doll crafted around 30'- 40's with very rich and very detailed costume.
Antique glass-wooden  display box come with.
Dimensions: 35,5 cm / 14 high
Condition: The doll has been kept carefully in glass box, so it is in excellent condition without any damage and wit really antique taste.

Price: US$ 325.00
* Express mail delivery and insurance fee because of weight and fragile is approx. US$ 98-110.00
-Without doll's  glass box - US$ 50-58.00
japanese antique doll of a prince Yositsune

japanese traditional doll
Ushiwaka, Japanese antique doll
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